Bobcat Mini Excavators

Bobcat Lineup of M-Series Mini Excavators

Bobcat is the largest manufacturer in North Dakota, and possibly has the largest compact equipment distribution network around the globe with more than 1,000 dealers in more than 100 countries. Bobcat equipment is used in many different markets including government, construction, mining, utility, landscaping, industrial and many more.

Bobcat is committed to toughness, ruggedness, durability and dependability, and stands by its reputation as "one tough animal." This holds true for all Bobcat earth moving equipment, including Bobcat excavators. The line of Bobcat mini excavators for sale includes the M-Series Bobcat excavators (E20-E85 models).


Bobcat mini excavator models can be broken down into three sections: minimal tail swing, conventional tail swing and zero tail swing. The chart below highlights the specifications and prices of Bobcat mini excavator models separated by these standards.

[table] Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Force, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost Minimal tail swing, 8.4 – 15.5 feet, 60 - 70 degrees, 4991 - 14509 lbs, 3552 - 8069 lbs, Tier 4, "$25,000 - $80,000" Conventional tail swing, 10.2 – 13.5 feet, 50 - 75 degrees, 6968 – 9731 lbs, 4589 – 5767 lbs, Tier 4, "$40,000 - $60,000" Zero tail swing, 10.2 – 12.8 feet, 50 - 75 degrees, 6968 - 7650 lbs, 3986 - 5332 lbs, Tier 4, "$50,000 - $80,000" [/table]

Extendable arm

The extendable arm option is available on specific models of Bobcat mini excavators, and provides an additional 30" reach over standard excavator arms. This extremely useful for confined areas when more reach is desired, but the excavator is unable to precede any closer.

In addition, the arm has easy-clamp attachments with the Hydraulic X-Change attachment system which allows operators to pick up and place materials on the job site.

Automatic idle control

The M-Series models of Bobcat mini excavators for sale include a superior automatic idle feature that allows operators to take a break or other pauses without having to shut the machine off due to noise. If the engine is not used for more than four seconds, the automatic-idle feature is engaged. When the engine is used again, the throttle is re-engaged and normal operations continue.

The automatic-idle feature also saves fuel in addition to noise control. If automatic-idle is not desired, it can be turned off at any time.

Selectable auxiliary hydraulic flow

Select models of Bobcat excavators, mainly E32-E50 models, come equipped with Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulics. This allows the operator to select between three choices:

  • Aux1: Low flow
  • Aux2: Medium flow
  • Aux3: Full flow

If the project involves attachments that require full flow (plate compactors, breakers, augers, etc.), this would require an Aux3 setting. For lesser operations such as clamp operation, the operator should choose Aux2. If precision control is necessary (power tile, hydra tilt, etc.), Aux1 would be the likely choice.

Angle blade accuracy

Equipping an M-Series bobcat mini excavator with the angle blade allows the operator a greater range of control. The blade can be adjusted up-and-down and angled simultaneously. The angle blade allows for a 25 degree adjustment either way.

The cutting edge can easily be bolted on, rotated, and can easily be replaced, which helps cut down on maintenance costs. The angle blade allows operators to drive close to, and parallel to, the trench, which helps operators more precisely direct spoil.

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