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Powerful Earth Moving Starts with John Deere Mini Excavators

In 1837, blacksmith John Deere owned only a blacksmith shop and a discarded steel saw, but he had a revolutionary idea that changed the agriculture industry forever. Over 175 years later, John Deere is still a name associated with integrity and quality. John Deere attributes its success on the core values of the company: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. The company has a long history of successful products directed at real people:

  • People who cultivate and harvest the land.
  • People who transform and enrich the land.
  • People who build upon the land.

Because of their commitment to customer relationships and quality products, John Deere has one of the highest recognitions for value and quality. When it comes to mini excavators, there are no exceptions. John Deere has produced a lineup of some of the toughest, most-reliable and cost-efficient mini excavators available.

Key features and specifications

John Deere mini excavators are equipped with a variety of functions and features to handle all excavating needs. The line of John Deere excavators for sale features several different models and sizes of earth moving equipment in order to handle the specific needs of each individual project.

For instance, the 17D model is the smallest John Deere mini excavator available—perfect for small projects or tasks that are in hard-to-reach areas. Conversely, the 60G model is the largest John Deere mini excavator for sale. It is typically used for projects that are slightly larger, yet still too small to require the usage of a full-size excavator.

The chart below depicts specifications on the full range of John Deere Excavators, from mini excavators to the largest full-size excavators John Deere currently provides, and it compares the differences in key functions such as maximum digging depth, swing radius, maximum arm digging reach and more.

[table] Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Reach, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost 0-6 tons, 2170 – 3770 mm, 1540 - 2450 mm, 3597 - 9237 lbs, 3900 – 6230 mm, Tier 4, "$10,000 - $65,000" 6-25 tons, 4610 – 6620 mm, 1290 – 1680 mm, 10476 – 35522 lbs, 2120 – 2910 mm, Tier 4, "$100,000 - $225,000" 25-40 tons, 7610 – 8180 mm, 3430 – 4040 mm, 36869 – 59350 lbs, 9880 – 11860 mm, Tier 4, "$300,000 - $320,000" 40-90 tons, 8280 – 9750 mm, 3660 – 4540 mm, 64295 – 89699 lbs, 12270 – 14640 mm, Tier 4, "$350,000 - $400,000" [/table]

John Deere mini excavators have three key features: a fuel-efficient engine, Worksite Pro attachments and reduced tail swing.

Fuel-efficient engine

Engines are extremely fuel efficient, running on EPA FT4/EU Stage IV technology. The cooled-exhaust gas recirculation strongly reduces nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) levels. Additional specially-designed features meet rigorous Tier 4 emissions standards, and the engine is so quiet, it can be used nearly anywhere at any time of day without causing disturbance.

Worksite pro attachments

Quick change couplers

Boom-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines are equipped with quick-change couplers to make attachment hookup a simple process. A wedge-style coupler allows users to quickly change attachments including buckets, augers, and breakers. The Worksite Pro augers come with a variety of bits specially designed for specific functions such as drilling through rock and trees.


The John Deere planetary augers provide reverse rotation, as well as self-plumbing to create straight, level holes, even on slopes. John Deere provides several different types of auger bits including the standard 4-6 inch, 9-12 inch bit (for rock and frozen ground), and the 18-36 inch, which is recommended for trees and shrubs.


John Deere provides a variety of bucket sizes in order to successfully accomplish each task.

  • Utility: for light, high-volume materials
  • Foundry: maximum breakout force for tough digging
  • Construction: Offers a "low" back plate for better visibility
  • Tooth: for loosening compacted soil
  • Dirt: Low back plate for improved breakout
  • Multipurpose: capable of bulldozing, scraping, loading, metering, and clamping material
  • Rock: sifting and sorting material, clearing stone from farm fields, and removing debris from job sites


The Worksite Pro breaker is tough and durable, and is designed to easily break through asphalt, blacktop and other tough, solid surfaces. Specialized screens protect the cab glass from being damaged by flying debris.

  • HH20: This model features a narrow shape, allowing it to be used in confined spaces and other crowded locations where typical breakers cannot be used.
  • HH40: Featuring a high power-to-weight ratio, this model has no hydraulic surge.
  • HH60: Unlike typical breakers, the HH60 uses a gas-assist cycle combined with the powerful hydraulics for maximum firing power.
  • HH80: This model also uses a combination of a gas-assist cycle and hydraulics, and features a high power-to-weight ratio with low recoil.


Worksite Pro augers and breakers integrate with other John Deere compact earth moving equipment, reducing the need to buy specialized attachments for each piece of machinery.

Zero and reduced tail swing configurations

The reduced tail swing is a critical feature for professionals that need the ability to operate the machinery in confined spaces. John Deere mini excavators utilize one of two features on each model: zero tail swing configuration or reduced tail swing configuration.

Zero tail swing

Zero tail swing allows the mini excavator to easily maneuver around obstacles, and allows it to fully rotate without hitting walls or other obstacles. This configuration is found on the smaller models of the John Deere mini excavators including the 27D and the 35G.

Reduced tail swing

Reduced tail swing is a feature that allows the mini excavators to freely rotate within small, confined spaces, and work closer to obstacles and walls without causing damage. Reduced tail swing can be found on the 17D and 60G models.

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