Komatsu Mini Excavators

Komatsu Mini Excavators Bring Powerful Digging to Confined Spaces

The term "Komatsu" is Japanese for "little pine tree," and dates back to the Heian period (794-1192). Komatsu began marketing products to the United States in the 1960s, and by the 1970s had established a prominent North American operations base. Komatsu has grown over the years, and is now the second-largest supplier of construction equipment in the United States. Komatsu has over 2,000 employees based at various manufacturing plants and retail outlets.

The Komatsu name is built on reliability. The company strongly follows this reputation with their lineup of wheel loaders, motor graders, excavators, crawlers, dozers, trucks and more. The MR-3 Series of Komatsu mini excavators is no different. True to their reputation, Komatsu has produced some of the toughest, most-durable, long-lasting mini excavators on the market.

Specifications of Komatsu mini excavators

The key specifications of Komatsu mini excavators are the bucket force, arm digging force, maximum digging depth, emission rating and swing radius. The chart below highlights a range of Komatsu mini excavators:

  • PC18MR-3: Smallest mini excavator
  • PC35MR-3: Medium mini excavator
  • PC55MR-3: Largest mini excavator
[table] Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Reach, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost PC18MR-3, 7.1 feet, 2070 mm, 3570 lbs, 4025 mm, Tier 4, "$35,000" PC35MR-3, 10.2 feet , 2550 mm, 6720 lbs, 5300 mm, Tier 4, "$45,000" PC55MR-3, 12.5 feet, 2800 mm, 8770 lbs, 6220 mm, Tier 4, "$60,000" [/table]

Komatsu HydrauMind hydraulic system

The Komatsu HydrauMind hydraulic system utilizes sensitive electronic controls to enhance specific operations. For instance, in closed spaces, low hydraulics power is typically desired, so the operator can set the controls for a low flow. In open areas, a higher flow will typically be desired for maximum efficiency so the controls can be set to the desired speed.

The Hydraumind hydraulic system is implemented with "intelligent" controls, which result in a much quicker machine response time to operator controls.

Expandable undercarriage

The expanding undercarriage is a revolutionary design implemented on specific models of the Komatsu excavator. This feature allows operators to maneuver the machine into tight spots, between obstacles, and confined spaces. Once the machine has successfully passed through the obstacles, or has reached the digging destination, the undercarriage can be expanded to its original size in order to begin operations.

The expandable undercarriage can expand from 980-1300 mm width, and is designed for confined spaces, including the ability to fit between a standard doorway in order to reach the desired operations location.

Confined job site advantage

The current lineup of Komatsu excavators for sale are some of the toughest earth moving equipment available. The ability of these machines to work efficiently in confined spaces sets them apart from many other mini excavators. Depending on the model, a Komatsu Excavator may have zero tail swing or tight tail swing.

The zero tail swing is the most efficient, as machines with this feature can swing completely around with no extension. The tight tail swing is not far behind, as it allows only an 80mm (3") extension over the tracks. This allows operators to concentrate on the work at hand, and spend less time worrying about surrounding obstacles.

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