Yanmar Mini Excavators

A Look At Yanmar Mini Excavators Innovation

Yanmar was created in 1912, and by 1933, the company had created the world's first commercially viable small diesel engine. Staying true to their innovative ways, Yanmar created the world's first mini excavator in 1971. In 1979, the company had created an operations base in the United States. In 1993, the company released the first mini excavator equipped with Zero Tail Swing configuration.

Yanmar has two separate lineups of mini excavators, the ViO and the SV models. Together, these two model lineups are comprised of ten models, from ultra-compact models around 2,348 lbs to the largest mini excavator models at 21,550 lbs. Yanmar is dedicated to reliability, durability, innovation, cost-efficiency, versatility and environmentally friendly. The lineup of Yanmar mini excavators covers all of these with their tough, long-lasting exterior and parts, as well as the fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly engines.


The specifications of Yanmar mini excavators are comparable with all other mini excavators in the same classes. However, Yanmar has two model series available: ViO and SV. The chart below is comprised of a comparison of the two models detailing the specification ranges.

[table] Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Reach, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost ViO Series, 7.3 – 15.4 feet, 1380 - 2370 mm, 3417 - 15863 lbs, 3710 - 7120 mm, Tier 4, "$30,000 - $80,000" SV Series, 5.4 - 15.4 feet, 725 - 2010 mm, 2360 - 17807 lbs, 2000 - 7470 mm, Tier 4, "$30,000 - 80,000" [/table]

There are a total of seven models in the "ViO" lineup, ranging from 3,836 lbs to 18,136 lbs. Conversely, the "SV" lineup consists of only two models, the SV08-1A (2,348lbs) and the largest model, SV100-2 (21,550lbs).

True zero tail swing

Yanmar developed the world's first zero tail swing mini excavator in 1993. The current models reflect a 6th-generation release of that technology.

The differences between the ViO models and the SV models simply refer to the type of tail swing configuration of each model. The "ViO" model name simply means that these models have Zero Tail Swing configuration. The "SV" model name refers to models that have Ultra Tight Turning configuration.

The true zero tail swing configuration simply means that as the tail of the machine swings around, no part of the housing sticks out farther than the track. This is extremely efficient for confined areas or areas with obstacles, as the operator can concentrate on the project, and spend less time worrying about hitting obstacles during the swing.

Hydraulic quick coupler

Changing attachments on Yanmar mini excavators is a simple task using the hydraulic quick couplers. This allows a quick change in bucket sizes and other attachments right on the job site. Not only that, the Yanmar couplers integrate with most other brands' attachments, which means if necessary, attachments from other brands of mini excavators can be used on the Yanmar machine.

VIPPS (ViO Progressive 3 pump system)

The ViO lineup of Yanmar earth moving equipment comes equipped with a powerful 3-pump system called ViO Progressive 3 pump system (VIPPS). The VIPPS technology is unique to the Yanmar brand. The hydraulic circuitry design, and load sensing pumps offer better performance when utilizing the boom, arm bucket, and swing features.

VICTAS (ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability)

The ViO lineup of mini excavators have another innovative feature that offers stability without the need for expanding undercarriage. This feature is called ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability (VICTAS). By utilizing Yanmar’s unique off-set track configuration, VICTAS provides advanced stability, as well as a decrease in vibration due to the rubber crawler.

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