John Deere Skid Steer Loaders

John Deere Loaders Improve Maneuverability and Service Intervals

With a company history that dates back more than 175 years, John Deere has become one of the most globally-recognizable brand names in the world – even among those who’ve never owned a single piece of materials handling equipment. This broad recognition is the result of a reputation for quality and innovation that has seen them enter into a mass channel agreement with The Home Depot (2003) and named among the 50 most-admired companies by Fortune magazine (2011).

Yet while the accolades are impressive, the consumer adoption is even more so. Upon celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2012, John Deere reported net sales and revenues of $36.2 billion and a net income of $3.1 billion, both of which were company records. Much of that is attributed to the expansive capabilities of their equipment – in particular, their skid steers.

Three types

John Deere track loaders are designed with a powerful hydraulic system and coupled with John Deere engines that make even the smaller models capable of accomplishing heavy-duty tasks. Models are available in three specific classes:

  1. >50 hp
  2. 50 - 75 hp
  3. 75+ hp

Within these subcategories, popular configurations include:

[table]Model #, Horsepower, Operating Weight, Operating Capacity (Standard), Fuel Capacity, Estimated Cost
313, 45 hp, "5,150 lbs", "1,260 lbs", 17.5 gal, "$15,000 - $21,500"
315, 45 hp, "5,200 lbs" ,"1,500 lbs", 17.5 gal, "$15,000 - $34,000"
318E, 63 hp, "7,000 lbs", "1,950 lbs", 20 gal, "$15,000 - $45,000"
320E, 69 hp, "7,150 lbs","2,190 lbs", 20 gal, "$13,000 - $61,600"
326E, 74 hp, "8,200 lbs","2,690 lbs", 24 gal, "$29,900 - $61,100"
328E, 86 hp, "8,770 lbs","2,800 lbs", 25.5 gal, "$37,500 - $55,000"
332E, 100 hp, "9,610 lbs","3,200 lbs", 25.5 gal, "$49,900 - $66,000"[/table]

NOTE: John Deere skid steer prices are based on national averages for new and used equipment.

Features and upgrades

John Deere skid steers incorporate a variety of patented features that noticeably enhance performance and maneuverability. Depending on the model selected, enhancements can include vertical lift technology, improved bucket design, and engineering that increases angled dumping.

Additional features may include:

  • Turbocharged diesel engine (from 2.4L to 3.3L) – Interim Tier 4-emission certified
  • Push-button joystick controls – Programmed to provide control via ISO, H-pattern, or foot/joystick electrohydraulic (EH)
  • Easy maintenance – Daily checkpoints grouped beneath a hinged hood for instant access and removable side panels that facilitate service access to coolers, battery, fluid and air filters
  • Extended reach at truck beds – Ensure a more accurate placement and retrieval of loads when loading or unloading a semi
  • Connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers – Simplifying the quick change of attachments
  • Top hydraulic flow – Among the industry’s best at 3,450 psi on select models

Given the obvious focus on productivity and customizable operation, these machines tend to be popular with contractors and farmers who routinely use a Deere loader to clear brush, move topsoil, mulch, and dig irrigation systems.

Extended service intervals

Skid steers that contain John Deere's 250 Series Power Tech engines enjoy longer oil-change intervals that can be extended even further – to 500 hours – when paired with the optional Deere Plus 50 engine oil and filter.

Service intervals for oil and filter take into account the oil pan capacity, type of engine oil and filter used, and sulfur content of the diesel fuel. With a John Deere skid steer, you can expect a minimum range of 125 to 250 hours and a max range of 250 to 500 hours between each service interval.


Designed for compatibility, John Deere skid steer attachments are what transform a single machine into an all-in-one materials handling fleet. Contractors, farmers, and those responsible for maintaining large grounds all reportedly love the diversity of tools available. Some of the most popular include:

  • Ag forks
  • Backhoes
  • Bale spears
  • Buckets
  • Cold planers
  • Dozer blades
  • Material/manure scraper
  • Pallet forks
  • Power rakes
  • Roller levels
  • Snow blowers
  • Snow pushers
  • Trenchers
  • Utility grapples

These versatile, quick-coupled attachments help with tasks related to commercial and residential maintenance, construction, renovations, landscaping, and many other jobs that would otherwise have to be completed manually or require a separate piece of machinery.

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