New Holland Skid Steers

New Holland Skid Steers Designed for Adaptability

For more than a century, New Holland has been manufacturing a wide range of materials handling equipment geared toward farming and agriculture. With more than 1,000 New Holland dealers in the United States and Canada and more than 3,000 in 160 countries throughout the world, the company offers an extensive range of equipment that includes tractors, hay and forage equipment, and machinery designed specifically for harvesting and crop production.

This line was expanded in 1999 to include construction equipment and the introduction of more than 50 new machines intended for industrial applications within the American market. Among these is one of their most popular: the skid steer.

Balancing productivity and output with cost, popular New Holland skid steer specs and prices fall within the following range:

[table]Model #, Operating Capacity, Horsepower, Operating Weight, Operating Height, Fuel, Tank Size, Estimated Cost L213, "1,300 lbs", 49 hp, "5,070 lbs", 141” - 152”, #2 diesel, 16 gal, "$15,000 - $25,000" L216, "1,500 lbs", 60 hp, "5,370 lbs", 141” - 152”, #2 diesel, 16 gal, "$20,000 - $35,000" L218, "1,800 lbs", 60 hp, "5,930 lbs", 150” - 159”, #2 diesel, 19.5 gal, "$16,500 - $50,000" L220, "2,000 lbs", 67 hp, "6,470 lbs", 151” - 160”, #2 diesel, 25.5 gal, "$27,000 - $42,500" L221, "2,100 lbs", 74 hp, "6,970 lbs", 154” - 163”, #2 diesel, 19.5 gal, "$35,000 - $48,000" L225, "2,500 lbs", 82 hp, "7,900 lbs", 159” - 168”, #2 diesel, 25.5 gal, "$20,000 - $56,000" L230, "3,000 lbs", 90 hp, "8,300 lbs", 161” - 170”, #2 diesel, 25.5 gal, "$33,000 - $60,000"[/table]

Productivity through versatility

Certified for final Tier 4-emissions and delivering a bucket breakout force from 4,150 lbs to 8,585 lbs, New Holland machines reflect a focus on diversity. With a wide variety of weights, operating capacities, and fuel tanks, they cater to industries and applications such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Government
  • Landscaping
  • Residential construction
  • Roads and bridges
  • Non-residential construction
  • Rentals

To achieve this high level of adaptability, New Holland skid steers replicate one of the most popular features of their farming equipment: an ability to accept a wide range of tools. New Holland skid steer attachments transform a single machine into a multi-use vehicle, saving time and expenses related to additional equipment.

Connect under pressure (CUP) hydraulic fittings come standard on all machines and enable the quick hydraulic hook-up of New Holland skid steer attachments. Simply push on the fitting to release the hydraulic line pressure for both the machine and the attachment. This straightforward design requires little training and allows the skid operator to quickly transition between dozens of compatible attachments to load, stack, dig, scrape, pile, drill, carry, or level within any environment.

For additional convenience and speed, an optional upgrade includes the hydraulic mount plate option. Whether buying a new or used New Holland skid steer, this time-saving improvement allows the operator to quickly switch between attachments without leaving the cab.

Design improvements

More than a dozen manufacturers currently produce skid steers. So to set their machines apart, New Holland incorporates a number of unique innovations that have been shown to help boost productivity, enhance safety, and facilitate operator comfort.

Three of the most notable of these improvements are:

  1. Super Boom lift. Built into the 200 Series skid steer loaders, this extends the skid’s reach as well as its forward dump height to facilitate the loading and unloading of a flatbed truck. This technology is also applicable to the more than 60 attachments currently available and can greatly improve the flexibility of the machine overall.
  2. Efficiency through breakout force. Known for soliciting the advice of their users, New Holland took a big step forward by altering the dump angle and breakout force. Shown to directly impact the pace of work, these efficiencies boost the bucket breakout force to move the process along while the dump angle makes it that much easier to start on the next block of material.
  3. Increased stability. New Holland skid steers are designed with an extra-long wheelbase and low center of gravity to improve the simplicity of operation. Closer to the ground and featuring automatic tilt control, these enhanced stability features make New Holland skids friendlier to rough terrain and other hazardous work environments.

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