John Deere Wheel Loaders

John Deere Wheel Loaders

Since 1837, John Deere has been manufacturing construction, agriculture and production equipment for the working man. The lineup of John Deere wheel loaders covers three different model series, each of varying size and weight. However, they each perform the same type of operation—loading and moving materials such as dirt, snow, asphalt, gravel, snow, logs, rocks, etc. Wheel loaders can deliver these materials to a variety of locations such as dump trucks, railroad cars, conveyer belts, feed hoppers and more.

John Deere Wheel Loader Specifications

The chart below provides a comparison of specifications for John Deere compact loaders, utility loaders and production loaders. The specifications table covers maximum travel speed, service brake type, maximum bucket capacity, reach, fuel tank capacity and price.

[table] Model, Maximum Travel Speed, Service Brake Type, Maximum Bucket Capacity, Reach, Fuel Tank Capacity , Price Compact, 12-18.6 mph, ISO 3450 (SAE J1473), 1.0-2.0 cubic yards, 3.0-4.9 feet, 13.2-42.3 gallons, "$80,000 -$165,000" Utility, 22.4-24.9 mph, ISO 3450 (SAE J1473), 2.1-3.5 cubic yards, 3.5-6.4 feet , 64-93 gallons, "$120,000 - $200,000" Production, 24.9 mph, ISO 3450 (SAE J1473), 3.0-4.75 cubic yards, 3.2-6.9 feet, 79-105 gallons, "$300,000 - $400,000" [/table]

Compact loaders (Under 2 cu. yd.)

The John Deere compact loaders cover the models 204K, 244J, 304K, 324J and 344K. This range of compact loaders are the smallest John Deere wheel loaders available, and are typically used for small projects such as heaping hoppers, shuttling seed, transporting hay bales, and other agricultural tasks. Because of their small size, the compact wheel loaders feature flexibility, a tight turning radius, and the ability to maneuver between close obstacles. The low height allows the loader to easily maneuver through confined spaces with low entryways.
The front and rear axles have slip-reduction features which provide traction if the tires begin to slide in wet or muddy terrain.
Attachments can be quickly attached, detached and changed by utilizing the quick couplers for the auxiliary hydraulics.
The oscillating front loader frame of the compact wheel loaders features cab-tilt reduction which provides a comfortable ride for the operator, even over rough terrain.
If the machine is bought new from a John Deere dealer, an extended coverage warranty that covers maintenance and repairs during the warranty coverage period is available.

Utility loaders (2 – 4.5 cu. yd.)

John Deere utility loaders are medium-sized wheel loaders. The model range covers 444K, 524K, 544K, 624K, 644K, and 644K hybrid models.
Utility loaders feature a secured key less start to prevent downtime (lost keys, misplaced keys, etc.), as well as theft. The loaders also include John Deere WorkSight, which monitors real-time data and machine health. The monitoring service offers utilizes the machine health data in order to suggest proper maintenance operations that should be performed in order to avoid costly machine failure and downtime. Data is recorded in real-time and software can be updated remotely.
Cabs are spacious and offer extended legroom. The air-ride, arm-chair seats are heated and adjustable for maximum comfort. John Deere's patented SmartShift technology provides smooth gear changes.

Production loaders (Over 4 cu. yd.)

Production loaders are designed for big jobs, hence the John Deere production loader motto: "Think. Big." The newest models are equipped with redesigned Quad-Cool cooling systems, enlarged cabs, enhanced hydraulics, and more. The production loaders models include the 724K, 744K, 824K, and the 844K Series II. Features include the remote monitoring abilities of John Deere WorkSight, smooth gear-changing features of John Deere SmartShift, a load-sensing hydraulic system, automatic idle, automatic shut-down, Z-Bar and High-Lift configurations, and more.
Production loaders can be equipped with an optional boom with extended height which allows operators to move materials and perform tasks at greater heights. Compliance with emissions standards allows the machines to be operated in any environment, including nonattainment areas. The toughness and durability of John Deere wheeled loaders allow performance in high-debris areas, corrosive areas, and in extreme temperatures.

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