About Us

About Us

In business since 1992, we've connected nearly 5 million users with top notch sellers. Our current seller network exceeds 3,500 top brands and continues to grow every year. With a history built around helping procurement officers and SMB owners make smart buying decisions, Purchasing.com has positioned itself as an essential resource and first stop in the B2B purchasing process. Our mission is simple: help buyers save time and money by providing robust purchasing guides and buying resources and matching their buying needs with suppliers offering customized price quotes.

1. Browse purchasing information

Our experts have researched and developed guides around many common and complex buying concerns. Find reliable answers to ensure you're making a smart buying decision

2. Tell us about your buying needs

Complete our simple, customized questionnaire to describe your buying needs

3. We match your needs to the best suppliers

Our proprietary algorithm will match you with top notch local and national suppliers who are ready to meet your needs

4. Knowledgeable suppliers compete for your business

Get matched with up to 5 sellers who then compete for your business, ensuring you get the right equipment at the best price

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