Choosing a Trailer for Construction

Choosing a Trailer for Construction

There are several different factors involved with choosing the right mobile office trailer for your construction site. Not only do you have to consider price and functionality, you also have to consider employees, size and any accessories needed. Among the most important elements of this decision are space, number of staff, amenities necessary and the cost of installation.

How much office space do I have?

Mobile office trailers have several different layout options. Sizes of trailers range from a one person 8’x16’ unit to a 24’x64’ facility capable of offering work and meeting space to ten people or more. Construction trailer layouts can offer individual offices, meeting areas, common areas, restrooms, break rooms and customer waiting areas and can be customized. Trailers are usually separated into two categories: single-wide and multi-wide.

Single-wide trailers are no more than 18 feet wide and 90 feet long. They can be towed from site to site as a single unit and do not require assembly. You simply set them up and you can get to work on your project or job.

Multi-wide trailer is the name that encompasses double-wide trailers, triple-wide trailers and less often quadruple-wide or larger units. They start at 20 feet wide and are longer than 90 feet. They are normally moved from site to site in 2 or more pieces. Multi-wide trailers are more customizable than single-wide trailers.

How many people will be working in this office?

The rule of thumb in mobile office space is 100 to 150 square feet per person. Depending on your needs, type of customer and employee use, you may decide you need common areas, private office areas, and restrooms. Each of those items will increase the cost of the trailer, whether rent, lease or buy, by twenty to seventy dollars a square foot.

The price depends on interior decisions like vinyl versus carpet flooring, built in office furniture and type of HVAC. The type of material can change price significantly, for instance marble versus granite vanities in the restroom.

Amenities and extras

There are accessories that you can add on to your trailer to create a physically pleasing appearance, access to entry points and safety considerations. Skirting gives the mobile trailer a permanent appearance for $360 - $1275 for a single-wide or $400 - $1300 for a double-wide trailer.

Steps and decking can also make it look nice while providing access to doors that meet OSHA and ADA safety requirements. Barricades can control entry while signage can direct customer and employees to proper access areas, keep visitors away from work areas and make everyone aware of potential dangers for only a few hundred dollars.

Other amenities you may desire in the facility are refrigerators, telephone wiring, and climate control. You can add a small fridge for as little as seventy dollars. Adding larger appliances, additional electric wiring or telephone wiring can add hundreds to the price depending on choices. Climate control options should be discussed with the dealer. Your choice can add a couple hundred dollars for a window AC unit to thousands for ductwork and larger, more permanent units.

Installation fees

Installation fees, depending on size of trailer, distance to deliver and readiness of the site upon arrival can cost $1000 to $5000. Be sure to talk to the dealer to see if installation fees are included in the quoted price.

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