Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu excavators are some of the toughest, most-durable, longest-lasting excavators available. The current lineup of Komatsu excavators can be broken down into three sections: light, medium and heavy. Light models are 25,000 lbs or less. Medium models range from 25,001 to 70,000 lbs. Heavy models range from 70,001 to 260,000 lbs. The chart below details a range of specifications for each category.

[table]Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Reach, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost
Light, "2,840 - 4,565 mm", "1,980 - 2900 mm", "2,230 - 13780 lbs", "4,930 - 7,345 mm" Tier 4, "$30,000 - $80,000"
Medium, "5,480 - 14,072 mm", "1,545 - 3645 mm ","18,300 - 115109 lbs", "8,300 - 19,812 mm" Tier 4, "$50,000 - $400,000"
Heavy, "6,705 - 11,590 mm", "4,400 - 6415 mm ","51,370 - 112900", "2,130 - 17,450 mm" Tier 4, "$300,000 - $800,000"[/table]

The Komatsu hybrid engine

Komatsu implemented a revolutionary swing-regeneration hybrid technology into its engines to ensure fuel conservation at an average of 25%, as well as the same percentage in emissions reduction. This innovative technology captures energy that would typically be lost in swing-breaking operations, and then converts this energy to electric energy, which is then used to boost engine horsepower and power the swing. This provides a reduction in the amount of fuel used, and is accomplished with no reduction in performance.

Emissions reduction

Komatsu improved the design of their former Tier-III-emissions-compliant engine in order to make the newer machines compliant with Tier IV regulations. The new excavator engines are EPA Tier IV and EU Stage 3B emissions-compliant. They also provide a 90% reduction in exhaust gas particulate matter, as well as a 20% reduction in the harmful emissions of nitrogen oxide. All of this is accomplished without any reduction in performance.

KOMTRAX wireless remote monitoring

The KOMTRAX wireless remote monitoring system by Power Motive Corp (PMC) is installed on Komatsu excavators in order to provide tracking and other services. This system provides tracking for equipment locations and keeps a record of how many operational hours machines are used. It provides alerts when the excavators require maintenance or repairs. It provides security features that prevent unauthorized use of the machine. It also stores performance records for each machine. This results in a variety of benefits for companies including:

  • Project cost reduction
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Loss prevention (machine and fuel theft prevention security features)
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Safety improvements to project site
  • Minimization of machine downtime

Quiet machine

Komatsu added a longer stroke and a spring to the viscous cab damper mounts, which combines with a rigid deck to absorb sound and minimize vibration to the cab area, including the operator seat. The environmental engine and smooth hydraulics system provides quiet operations and very low noise levels, approximately as loud as a modern vehicle.

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