Kubota KX Series Excavators

Kubota KX Series Excavators

The Kubota KX series covers a total of eight excavators including ultra-compact excavators, compact excavators, a 6-in-1 excavator and a power utility excavator. Ranging from 10-70 Horsepower, the KX series of Kubota excavators can practically handle any job necessary.

From the smallest excavator, the ultra compact K008-3, to the largest, the power utility KX080-4 model, the line of Kubota earth moving equipment can stand with the toughest around. This article will examine the specifications of the Kubota KX Series excavators, as well as some of the key features including the Common Rail System and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler, Automatic Regeneration System, Eco-Plus, Tight Tail Swing and Compact Machine Width and the Industrial Digging Force.

Key specifications of the Kubota KX Series

The chart below highlights three excavators from the Kubota KX series. The smallest excavator in the KX series is the ultra compact K008-3. A medium-sized excavator is the KX91-3S2. The largest excavator is the power utility KX080-4. The chart below features a comparison of specifications including swing radius, maximum arm reach, maximum digging depth and more.

[table]Model, Max Digging Depth, Min. Front Swing Radius, Max Bucket Force, Max Arm Digging Force, Emission Rating, Estimated Cost K008-3, 5.8 feet, "1,120 mm", "2,200 lbs", "1,010 lbs", Tier 4, "$20,000" KX91-3S2, 10.5 feet, "1,870 mm", "8,059 lbs", "3,592 lbs", Tier 4, "$60,000" KX080-4, 15.1 feet, "2,000 mm", "8,554 lbs", "3,880 lbs", Tier 4, "$80,000"[/table]

Common Rail System and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler

The Common Rail System and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler are two features that combine for maximum reduction of destructive emissions in order to make the KX series excavators Tier IV compliant. The Common Rail System uses electronics to manage the timing, and the amount, of fuel injection. By controlling the fuel, the results are better fuel efficiency and a smooth, quiet-running engine. The Diesel Particulate Filter Muffler utilizes Exhaust Gas Recirculation to further reduce harmful emissions to the required level to make the engine Tier IV compliant.

Automatic Regeneration System

Kubota utilizes an Automatic Regeneration System which works with the Diesel Particulate Filter Muffler to burn particulates to keep the muffler burning clean. This results in lower maintenance costs and a longer-lasting machine. The automatic regeneration feature can be switched on or off manually. For instance, if the excavator is operating in an area with flammable material, automatic regeneration can be turned off for safety reasons.


The Eco Plus feature provides a reduction in fuel usage and a stronger environmental impact. The Eco Plus feature can be activated by a switch when its use is needed. For harsh digging conditions, operators can use Standard Mode. Standard Mode provides an increase of 4% in efficiency from the previous engine models. By switching to Eco Mode, the engine experiences an increase of 8% fuel efficiency over Standard Mode.

Tight tail swing and compact machine width

Kubota excavators are implemented with a tight tail swing configuration that leaves only 2.5" of tail swing overhang. This allows the excavator to operate in confined spaces without worrying about damage to nearby obstacles or to the machine. It also allows greater power in confined spaces where heavy lifting is required over the front.

The compact machine width allows the excavators to maneuver into confined areas and between narrow obstacles, including standard width doorways and large fence gates. It also allows users to transport the machine between job sites in an easier and more cost-efficient manner.

Industrial digging force

The Kubota KX Series excavator bucket digging force is powerful and efficiently balanced for maximum productivity. Ranging from 2,200-11,177 lbs, the industrial digging force is designed to easily dig through the toughest terrain.

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