Bauer Compressors

Bauer Compressors

Bauer Compressors is a company with a long-standing history of doing business with offices and facilities around the globe. Success isn't given or taken. It's earned with quality, dedication, and innovation. Bauer Compressors offers you a wide array of devices with a plethora of applications to facilitate any task that requires compressed air usage. With over sixty years of international experience in the field, Bauer Compressors applies experience and cutting edge technology to provide you with reliable compressors of excellent performance.

The proof of Bauer Compressors success is in the numbers. Starting with compressors aimed at automotive repair and servicing needs, Bauer Compressors has stationary compressors with five to twenty horsepower. They can move anywhere from 17 to 80 cfm providing 125-175 psig of pressure. These compressors are ideal for wind tunnels, test sleds, water and air pumps, natural gas refueling and other applications that include many forms of vehicle testing. The compressors are priced between eight and thirteen thousand dollars. This is the market average offered by competing air compressor manufacturers—something we hope to make you appreciate once you see our machines in operation.

Bauer Compressors also carries portable compressors aimed at construction work. They come in varied sizes and strength levels ranging from 61to 540hp, moving 185to1600 cfm with 100 to 200 psig. The estimated cost is twelve to 200 thousand dollars, depending on the model. These are industrial air compressors aimed at road work/construction, demolition work and similar jobs. They are durable and reliable like all other Bauer compressors. They are a staple of any construction work that requires compressors.

Stationary industrial compressors also meet the needs of:

  • Commercial offices (100-600hp, 500-3000cfm, 100-175psig, $50,000to $12000)
  • Industrial manufacturing (100-600hp, 495-3000cfm, 100-175psig, $46,000to $120,000)
  • Office manufacturing (125-350hp, 457-1580cfm, 100-175psig, $54,000 to $87,000)

Bauer Compressors come with tank capacities ranging from four to 206 scfm with working pressures from 350 to 7,000 psig. The higher end industrial compressors offer even bigger tanks. Bauer compressors for commercial offices are used for pneumatic heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. A good office is a comfortable office with fresh clean air. The best way to provide the office comfort you deserve is an efficient, reliable industrial air compressor. Bauer Compressors has compressors suitable for office manufacturing with the differences in capacity and scope of the applied device, all depending on the size of the building.

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, a compressor has multitude of uses. Mechanized plants have a plethora of uses for an industrial air compressor. Every valve and pneumatic tool is operated with compressed air. Bauer Compressor has a compressor to suit every industrial need.

Bauer’s entire line of compressors has the most diverse scope of use, ranging from firefighting and starting airplane engines to serving as hydropower plants, wicket gate controls, or helping collect and control natural gas occurrences. While pressurized air in all those conditions sounds dangerous, it is quite the opposite. Firefighters depend on having good equipment and good compressors for the increased safety they bring. Industrial grade compressors used in oil rigs and fields prevent a lot of accidents while also helping collect valuable fuels. Natural gas is often found in the same places as oil. Industrial air compressors maintain or increase gas flow in order to compensate for increased/decreased pressure of the natural gas.

These are some of the many uses for industrial air compressors. Putting pressurized air to work has been around for ages. This means Bauer Compressors has had a lot of time to perfect the methods and devices we use. A comparison with other compressor businesses will prove that the quality/price ratio offered at Bauer Compressors. Bauer Compressors is proud to offer its valued clients both safety and quality at a competitive price. What separates a Bauer compressor from any other? A Bauer compressor isn't just a device that pressurizes air. It's much more than that – with its attractive features suited to businesses and industrial applications.

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