Boge Air Compressors

Boge Air Compressors

Whenever the discussion turns to compressed air systems, the name Boge always crops up. After water, gas, and electricity, compressed air is another essential for industries. You will find Boge air compressors in most industry sectors including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, steel and wood working.

Established in 1907, Boge Compressed Air Systems—a member of the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI)—is one of the oldest and most proficient air compressor suppliers in Germany. The company has over 100 years of expertise and knowledge in the engineering and manufacturing of air compressor systems. With solutions for large, medium and small compressed air users, Boge air compressors are used by over 100,000 compressed air users in over 120 countries.

Range of products

Boge Compressed Air Systems has undertaken continuous research and development in the field of compressed air solutions and has some state-of-the-art air compression systems that cater to the requirements of small, medium, and large organizations.

Boge has a range of oil lubricated and oil-free screw and piston compressors— from stand-alone compressors to complete turn-key solutions—with power ranging from 1 HP to 450 HP. With their modular design, Boge air compressors can be configured to efficiently meet the needs of each customer. Boge compressors have a compact design and are energy efficient. They use high quality air ends that give the maximum output with the lowest amount of power consumption. These compressors use Airtelligence, an intelligent controller that synchronizes the output with the demand thus enhancing energy usage.

Finally, Boge compressors use Boge heat recovery technology to capture the heat generated during compression and reuse it for purposes such as: space heating or heating domestic water.

The following table summarizes Boge’s range of air compression systems:

[table]Series, Features and Benefits, Pricing CL Series, "Compact design, low sound pressure levels, intelligent layout", "$6,356" S Series screw compressors, "Award winning design, maximum operating safety, energy efficient, superior control ", "$8,540" SF Series frequency controlled screw compressors, "Energy saving solution, prolonged service life, focus control", "$19,177" SO Series oil-free screw compressors, "Oil-free compressed air advantages in control, maintenance, sound pressure levels and carbon footprint, finely graduated gear ratios for widest choice of free air, efficient cooling air circulation, high quality & maintenance friendly design", Not found Booster compressors, "Flexible, cost effective and energy efficient solution, flexible operation, efficient operation, reliable operation", "$7,210" K series oil free piston compressors , "Compact & cost effective, German quality, oil-free compressor, ideal for food, drink, medical and pharmaceutical industries, reduced service time costs, reduced service component costs, reduced energy consumption", "$1,749"[/table]

Air compression solutions

Boge represents safe and reliable solutions for many industries including the automotive, food, steel, plastics, mining and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s products are based on the latest scientific technical expertise with minimized matching tolerances and first class materials ensuring optimum efficiency and dependability. Our focus is on customer requirements whether it is small compressed air requirements, medium compressed air requirements, or large compressed air requirements.

Boge Compressed Air Systems always provides economical, efficient, safe, reliable, and durable air compression solutions for consumers. Their air compressors help you cut energy costs and remain competitive. Nearly all the Hospitals in Germany (about 95%) use Boge Air Compressors because they provide safe and dependable air.

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