GPS Fleet Tracking Device Applications

Popular GPS Fleet Tracker Device Applications

GPS vehicle tracking devices provide you the data you need to manage your fleet efficiently, reduce costs, and boost vehicle and worker effectiveness. The construction industry especially requires close management of key equipment and personnel, to ensure your assets are safe, secure, and operating to the best of their ability. Companies that do not have robust data tools at their fingertips are finding it increasingly difficult to compete against service providers that leverage the power of technology to optimize performance.

The following are some of the applications that today's most successful construction companies are trusting to vehicle GPS tracking:

Efficient route planning

GPS fleet management software allows you to pre-plan the best routes for your vehicles. This provides substantial savings in fuel efficiency, but also can be used to access other important benefits:

  • Avoid traffic for faster service
  • Plan the most direct route to minimize complications
  • Detour around residential and no-truck streets
  • Precisely time stops and eliminate under-reporting and scheduling inefficiencies

Monitor fleet health and service time

Construction vehicles suffer wear and tear from hard use and extreme conditions, which leads to significant maintenance costs. A GPS trucking system allows you to plan maintenance efficiently and head-off larger problems:

  • Monitor mileage and schedule regular servicing
  • Receive advance warning of serious mechanical problems
  • Analyze usage to rotate fleet vehicles between harder and easier jobs

Driver monitoring and assessment

GPS fleet tracking lets you monitor your drivers, review data, and address any problems. This helps you meet important service criteria for insurance and compliance purposes:

  • Track route times to monitor efficiency
  • Record improper mileage and routes
  • Check driver mileage claims billed for against actual miles driven
  • Create driver “scorecards” that measure performance based on your preferred criteria, including miles driven, time spent in the field, safe driving, etc.
  • Monitor driving speeds and aggressive behavior to reduce liability

Record and manage secondary fleet costs

A GPS vehicle tracking device provides a host of additional data points that let you monitor important costs that can otherwise impact your bottom line:

  • Record overuse of A/C and vehicle electronics
  • Monitor driver texting and phone use while on the clock
  • Prevent use of company assets for personal uses

Theft/vandalism prevention and recovery

Vehicle theft and vandalism drive costs up significantly for construction companies and lost or damaged vehicles reduce service capabilities and impact customer satisfaction. GPS asset tracking software allows law enforcement to locate and recover stolen vehicles quickly and, in many cases, before damage has been done that affects your bottom line. Vehicles that do not typically require GPS tracking for other purposes may benefit from having it installed for theft prevention.

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