Manitou Rough Terrain Forklifts

Manitou Rough Terrain Forklifts

In 1890, the Braud family was a family of businessmen working with harvesters, fertilizers, cranes, concrete mixers, animal food and more. In 1958, Marcel Braud, founder of Manitou, invented the world's first masted forklift truck or Rough Terrain Forklift (RTF). This brought the company worldwide acclaim and recognition, and has resulted in years of success. Today, Manitou manufactures and delivers some of the world's top-notch equipment for a variety of industries including:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Environmental
  • Logistics

The Manitou lineup of construction and agricultural equipment includes three types of rough terrain forklifts: telehandlers, rotating telehandlers and masted forklift trucks.


The chart below highlights the specifications of various Manitou machines including telehandlers, rotating telehandlers and masted forklift trucks. This table compares a variety of specifications including maximum forward reach, lifting height, lift capacity, turning radius and price.

[table] Type, Max Forward Reach, Lifting Height, Lift Capacity, Turning Radius, Price Telehandler, 11-19 feet, 19.1-31.8 feet, 5500-49500 lbs, 11-19.8 feet, "$30,000-$160,000" Rotating Telehandler, 44.3-60.8 feet, 51.8-80.7 feet, 8818 lbs, 11.5-14.2 feet, "$80,000-$120,000" Masted Forklift Trucks , -, 10.8-21.9 feet, 6000-6614 lbs, 8-10.1 feet, "$45,000- $60,000" [/table]


The lineup of Manitou telehandlers (also known as telescopic handlers) is designed to meet and exceed the needs of customers in construction, agricultural, and industrial markets. Similar to a crane, but with forklift attachments, telehandlers are designed to be used for loading, pickup, placing, warehousing, and more. Manitou telehandlers are also designed to handle all surface and underground mining and extraction needs.

Telehandlers are typically used for projects and tasks that cannot be performed using a standard forklift. Using a boom, telehandlers are able to perform tasks that are much higher or farther away. For instance, using pallet forks, a telehandler can pick up and place pallets that would be unreachable for a standard forklift. Using a bucket, a telehandler can move loads to and from locations that would be otherwise unreachable to machines such as wheeled loaders or backhoes. Attachments can be quickly attached or replaced at the jobsite.

Rotating telehandlers

Rotating telehandlers are telehandlers that operate from stabilizers which manage the machine's operations on the ground. Once properly stabilized, the machine can rotate a full 360 degrees in order to reach all areas of the project site. The machines are wheeled as well, for easy maneuvering and navigation of job sites. The lineup of Manitou rotating telehandlers can also extend the boom in order to reach high locations from 68-80 feet, and can handle loads from 8,800-10,000 lbs.

Rotating telehandlers are used for a variety of industries including industrial, structural, construction, agricultural, warehouse, large projects, and more.

Manitou rotating telehandlers are tough and durable. Multiple-disc service brakes help manage the safety operations of the machine. Accessories include the tilting fork carriage, floating fork carriage, skips, lattice jibs, side shift carriages, etc. The hydraulic locking system makes changing accessories a quick and simple task.

Masted forklift trucks

For standard tasks such as warehouse duties and rough terrain projects, the M-Series lineup of Manitou masted forklift trucks are there to handle the majority of necessary tasks. The masted forklift trucks are basically a standard forklift that can operate in rough terrain areas, making them ideal for projects in new construction or remodeling areas. Pallets or bucket loads can be quickly carried across rough terrain areas that typical forklift trucks would be unable to navigate through.

Manitou offers a smaller version of masted forklift trucks with the Semi-Industrial model range. This lineup was designed for better maneuverability and operations within confined areas. However, the Semi-Industrial lineup is still just as tough and durable as the M-Series, even with the smaller size.



  • Light Material Bucket
  • Feeding Bucket
  • Multi-functions Bucket
  • Construction Buckets
  • Construction Bucket
  • Rehandling Bucket
  • 4 in 1 Bucket
  • Concrete Mixing Bucket


  • Bale Clamp Compact
  • Classic Bale Clamp
  • Intensive Bale Clamp
  • Wrapped Bale Clamp
  • Mix Bale Clamp


  • Standard Platform
  • Extendable Platform


  • Standard Crane
  • Extension Jib
  • Crane with Winch
  • Frame Mounted Hook
  • Slewing Crane

Concrete Skips

  • Concrete Bucket
  • Crane Skip

Muckforks & Grabs

  • High Capacity Manure Grab


  • Pickup Sweeper

Misc Agriculture

  • High Pressure Cleaner

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