Types and Attachments

Different Types of Rough Terrain Forklifts and Attachments

Rough terrain forklifts and telehandlers are the ideal machines for use in construction, particularly on work sites in hard conditions. They can manipulate heavy loads, access tall structures, and withstand hard use in punishing conditions. They are designed to help you complete your project quickly and efficiently, at a savings in cost, time, and resources.


Telehandlers and forklifts can be purchased new or used. There are also a variety of accessories that can be used to further customize your machine. Following is a breakdown of these most common machine types.


You can use telehandlers for cargo and equipment loading and unloading, moving site equipment, clearing large sites, and a variety of other construction uses. Designed for rugged use and dependability in all conditions, these machines improve efficiency and boost productivity with precision control, ability to maneuver large loads, enhanced reach, and remarkable speed. Telehandlers are unmatched in their work site capabilities and are trusted to successfully manage even the toughest jobs.

The telescoping reach of a telehandler allows it to accomplish tasks other machines cannot, including the ability to handle cargo stacked very high, access rooftops, and operate over high walls. These machines are renowned for their versatility, acting as both cranes and cargo haulers. They can also deploy a variety of attachments and accessories that allow further specialization.

Rotating telehandlers

A variety of the standard telehandler, the cab of a rotating telehandler can rotate 360° atop its chassis, allowing convenient operation in work site tasks that require fast and nimble handling of large loads. These machines offer you improved versatility, particularly at sites requiring work at multiple tall buildings simultaneously.

Rotating telehandlers deploy stabilizers to ensure safety and secure footing while manipulating loads. In construction, rotating telehandlers are optimized for use in maintenance, structural work, and other jobs that require agility and reach.

Masted forklift trucks

These machines are perfect for handling your heavy materials, cargo, and building equipment. Masted forklift trucks and telehandler forks are capable machines in most conditions and are preferred when stability and maneuverability are essential. Rugged design means operator comfort and simple maintenance requirements are standard. Small and large machines are available.

Variations include masted forklifts designed for use in rough terrain, telescopic forklift arrays, and standard mast forklift trucks that provide the driver with the most visibility. Used rough terrain forklifts are a popular alternative to purchasing machines new: despite heavy use, their rugged build keeps them operating in good condition.

Straight masted forklift

Straight masted forklifts are specialized for manipulating heavy equipment and materials, with best stability and maneuverability. “Free lift” systems that can operate in low-overhead space areas are a popular variation of the standard straight masted forklift. Duplex and triplex lift systems offer additional lifting height, for maximum engagement. These machines handle rough terrain easily and can be purchased used.

Rough terrain forklift attachments

Attachments allow for specialized functionality and improve overall versatility. Used rough terrain forklift attachments are available, as well as new. Three of the most popular forklift and telehandler attachments are:

Buckets: Bucket attachments for telehandler forks allow you to manipulate, move, and place work site materials simply and efficiently.

  • Load dirt, sand, gravel
  • Work site clean-up
  • Remove mud and debris
  • Elevate gravel to rooftops
  • Backfill over high walls

Carriages: Carriage attachments for telescopic forklifts enable you to more efficiently handle wide loads, irregularly-shaped equipment and materials, and multiple pallets. A variety of carriage attachments allow you to customize your machine precisely to your needs:

  • Backrests
  • Carriage bars
  • False carriages
  • Wide frame and fork positioning attachments

Forks: Fork attachments for telehandlers allow you to better move bricks, blocks, and pallet loads. These attachments are optimized for fast, maneuverable cargo performance. Lumber forks and cubing forks are further specialized attachments that provide another way for you to boost work site efficiency and reduce costs in time and money. New fork attachments can replace old ones that are worn or damaged.

  • Dual forks
  • Triplex and quad forks
  • Lumber forks
  • Cubing forks

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