Niftylift Cherry Pickers

Niftylift Cherry Pickers Combine Safe Operation with Environmental Responsibility

Niftylift is one of the world’s largest producers of cherry pickers, boom lifts, and work platforms. With operations located throughout the United States, Europe, and around the world, they specialize in this specific branch of machinery. It’s a precise focus that allows them to invest heavily in technology and equipment that produces unique advancements like the SiOPS safety system – platforms crafted from durable impact resistant composite bases and sturdy cross-section steel cages, adding extra protection for both the machine’s operator and the cage itself.

Another feature that makes Niftylift products popular is their integration of hybrid technology, providing the choice between electric-only and hybrid power. This dual nature allows the same machine to be used in a variety of different settings, both indoors and outdoors, due to its zero emissions capability. It also maximizes fuel consumption, with Niftylifts reportedly providing dramatically lower running costs and reductions in fuel consumption by up to 50%, according to data released by the manufacturer.

Incorporating one or more of the above mentioned features, popular models (along with estimated Niftylift pricing) include:

[table] Model #, Type, Working Height, Gradeability, Weight Capacity, Work Outreach, Power, Estimated Cost SP26, Self-Propelled, 33’, 25%, 500 lbs., 15’, "Battery / Gas, Diesel, or LPG / Bi-Energy", "$22,500 - $39,300" SP85 Hybrid, Self-Propelled, 92’, 40%, 620 lbs., 62’, 35kW Hybrid, "$35,000 - $66,000" SD34T, Self-Drive, 41’ 7”, 45%, 500 lbs., 20’, "Battery / Gas, Diesel, or LPG / Bi-Energy", "$20,000 - $60,000" SD64 4x4x4, Self-Drive, 70’, 45%, 500 lbs., 42’, Diesel, "$65,000 - $94,000" TD34TN, Track Drive, 40’, 60%, 265 lbs. / 500 lbs. (optional), 20’, Diesel, "$47,000" TD42T, Track Drive, 48’ 6”, 45%, 500 lbs., 25’, Diesel, "$42,000 - $59,000" DR45, Static Base, 49’ 6”, -, 500 lbs., 29’ 6”, Diesel, "$47,000 - $69,000" [/table] Review more of the Niftylift product offering here.

Four key types

Many jobs are now conducted in locations with specific operating requirements, whether it’s a large warehousing operation with tall racks or a construction site with rough, uneven terrain. To operate safely and effectively within the widest possible range of conditions, Niftylifts are engineered by type to include task-specific features like telescopic booms, jib-booms, and platform rotation.

Niftylifts are also available in a number of power options to suit a variety of work environments. Specific to each type and model, power options include battery operated, gas, diesel, Bi-Energy, and Hybrid (combining battery and diesel), as seen in the SP85 included in the chart above.

Four of the most popular types are:

  • Self-Propelled – With platform heights from 26 feet to more than 85 feet, self-propelled Niftylifts are capable of a wide range of elevations. They also feature a compact design that allows them to be maneuvered in narrow aisles and around tight corners. Plus, for specific needs, like those often found within industrial manufacturing and construction sites, customized upgrades can be added, including a narrower design and 4-wheel chassis that provide extra durability for heavy-duty applications.

  • Self-Drive – Offering reach capabilities from 34 to 63 feet, this type offers the moveable freedom through the inclusion of a trailer mount. Easily stowed between jobs and hauled from one location to the next, they’re compact and weigh less than other types, featuring proportional controls that provide enhanced ease-of-use. A popular type of self-drive model are the electric and gas powered scissor lifts, which we've highlighted with different power types and working dimensions.

  • Track Drive – Platform heights for this type range from 34 to 50 feet. Designed specifically for locations with steep gradients, they provide enhanced traction and quick setup through hydraulic riggers. Plus, similar to the self-drive type, they also include a trailer mount and a compact, low-weight design to simplify transport and storage.

  • Static Base – A perfect example of industry-specific innovation, Niftylift static base models were created uniquely for the steel industry to aid in the construction of steelwork at an earlier stage of construction than other scissor lifts would allow – even before the concrete slab has been laid. This advancement has been shown to speed up the construction process by removing the wait for the slab’s load-bearing strength. Operating with a conversion kit on what are essentially two large rails, Static Base models like the DR45 have a working height that extends to 50 feet.

Post-sale support through training

Niftylift provides extensive post-sale customer support to ensure the longevity and successful use of the equipment. Part of that initiative is seen in the AWPT Operator Training Course they provide.

Designed for anyone who operates a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), the course provides full instruction on the operation of a new or used Niftylift, including pre-theory test, coverage of MEWP categories, structural components, regulations, safety and hazards, and practical training.

Typically completed in a single day, 2-day trainings are also available for those interested in instruction for multiple categories.

Upon successful completion of the course, the operator will receive an Operator's PAL card (Powered Access License). Valid for 5 years, this certification is recognized throughout the world as proof of MEWP training to the highest standards.

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