Spider Lifts

Spider Lifts Take Maneuverability to the Extreme

Available with tracked or wheeled chassis and capable of 360-degree rotation, spider lifts simplify tasks associated with everything from building maintenance around a manicured campus to construction in rugged locations. Guaranteeing stability on a wide variety of terrains, a spider lift has “legs” that lock into place, enabling them to be safely positioned on steps, multi-leveled platforms, and gradients from 25% to 45%.

Telescopic models are often used to clean windows and decorate at great heights within office complexes, cathedrals, and synagogues. They’re also frequently used by arborists to trim and maintain trees. The extended-reach boom and bucket provide reach capabilities from 18 to 160 feet.

Manufactured by leading industrial equipment companies like Niftylift, Genie, and JLG, spider lifts feature low ground bearing pressures that help protect fragile ecosystems, manicured grounds, and costly interior flooring. Within these interior spaces, their compact dimensions allow them to be rolled through most standard doorways and fit into narrow aisles and corridors while taking up minimal space in storage.

Often broken into three types based on their vertical reach, popular configurations and estimated costs for new and used spider lifts include:

[table] Type, Vertical Reach, Outreach, Weight Capacity, Track / Wheels, JIB, Min. Setup Area, Transport Height, Estimated Cost Low Height, 18’ - 75’, 16’ - 50’, 450 - 500 lbs., Tracks, Standard, 13’ x 11’, 6.3’, "$7,000 - $20,000" Mid-Range, 90’ - 115’, 50’- 55’, 450 - 500 lbs., Both, Telescopic, 10.5’ x 16’, 6.4’, "$32,000 - $98,000" Telescopic, 127’ - 160’, 52’ - 65’, 500 lbs., Both, Telescopic, 11’ x 15’, 6.5’, "$90,000 - $225,000" [/table]

Features and customizations

Design and maneuverability are important. But spider lifts also provide another key benefit: they eliminate the need for scaffolding. With a range of cost-saving features, a spider lift enables a single operator to easily complete an endless range of jobs in about the same amount of time it would take a number of people just to construct the scaffolding.

Factoring in a host of popular features and upgrades, these multi-use machines service a variety of height access challenges. Popular features include:

  • Drive systems mounted on tracks or wheels for safe, reliable movement on any terrain
  • Diesel, battery, electric, and dual power for use indoors or out – and the most cost-effective fuel consumption
  • Self-leveling platforms for safe positioning on a variety of terrain
  • Telescopic jib with extended vertical and horizontal reach capabilities
  • Interactive display for fine-tuning the machine’s performance
  • Gradeability up to 25% with wheels and 45% with tracks for safe setup in sloped work areas
  • Non-marking tracks or tires for indoor operation on granite, tile, wood and other costly flooring

Spider lift rental

For special events or seasonal applications, many businesses and organizations view spider lift rentals as a cost-effective way to take advantage of the machinery without the expenses associated with maintenance and storage – not to mention parts replacement costs. Rentals are available for the same types of machines that are on the market for purchase.

Plus, some rental houses will even contract out the labor for an electric scissor lift, providing a qualified operator that’s been trained on that particular machine.

Daily rates apply Monday through Friday, with a standard day consisting of 8 hours. After the 8-hour period, many rental houses pro-rate the added time, including spider lift operator overtime if applicable. With that in mind, you should expect to pay:

  • Low- to mid-range spider lifts: (10’ to 25’) can cost $75 to $110 (daily), $180 to $440 (weekly), and $350 to $1,800 (monthly)
  • Telescopic spider lifts: (30’ to 50’) can run $140 to $350 (daily), $400 to $1,500 (weekly), and $650 to $3,200 (monthly)
  • Spider lift operator rates: $200 to $280 per day, $15 to $30 per hour, or more depending on your location, job requirements, and operator experience

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